Questions like the HSC 2016 exam

Due to copyright the actual exam questions can not be published here.

Please refer to the 2020 HSC Physics exam for the published questions.

question 6

A spacecraft, A, is travelling at 0.5c relative to you and fires a photon out the front travelling at c. A second spacecraft, B, is travelling in the same direct at 0.8c relative to you.

What is the speed of the light photon as measured by spacecraft B?

  1. 0.3c
  2. 0.7c
  3. 1.5c
  4. 1.0c

like question 10

Inside a spacecraft a light source is placed in the middle of two photon detectors, A and B.

The spacecraft is set into motion relative to us travelling at 0.5c to the right. The light source simultaneously emits two photons in opposite directions heading towards the detectors.

For an observer in the spacecraft which statement is true.

  1. Detector B registers the photon before detector A.
  2. Detector A registers the photon before detector B.
  3. A and B detect the photons simultaneously .
  4. Detector B never registers a photon.