Welcome to Open Relativity. An introduction to Einstein's theory of relativity using interactive animations. The subjects covered in this exploration are listed in the contents menu. This site is under continual development, so feel free to suggest new topics.

Throughout the website a little spacecraft icon will be your link to the interactive animations. Try it now to interact with the Time Dilation animation.

This online course compliments lectures I deliver at Sydney Observatory that present relativity using 3D interactive animations. This site reproduces some of the material presented in the courses. The objective of the course is to convey an understanding of Relativity without the aid of mathematics.

Each animation is designed to demonstrate a particular principle of the theory. Some instructive license is used to help convey each principle. This is done, not to dilute the presentation of the theory, but to assist in demonstrating principles within the theory.

Guidance is given as to how to use the animations and things to observer while you interact with the each animation. I encourage you to spend time with each animation and experiment with the options available to you.